Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Pepito

The nice thing about being a crocheter is if you find your real friends to be lacking (looking at you, Tork), you can always make yourself some new friends to hang out with. This one is mine. His name is Pepito.

I want you to try to guess what kind of animal Pepito is. Think about it.

Wrong! Pepito is not a donkey! He is, in fact, supposed to be a chihuahua.

I know. He doesn't look like one. That's the least of his problems. Of greater concern are his lopsided ears, crooked nose, and, well, this is just pornographic:

I won't label this attempt a failure partly because I like the little guy in spite of his troubles, but mainly because I don't think he's a failure on MY part. I blame the pattern. I'm sure the person who runs is a very nice person, but the pattern is translated from Japanese. The only reference picture is the straight ahead shot shown in the link, which hides a number of sins and some important information. There is no good way to tell how or where you're supposed to attach arms and legs and heads and tails and ears and things. Just a chart. A chart in Japanese. That's all.

So my new friend is a lopsided burro-perro with an anus. Thank you, Japan!

That pattern picture is so misleading. There is a reason all the pics so far have featured either me holding Pepito myself or laying him on the floor. This is why:

Rise up and walk, Pepito! Walk!

Oh. Never mind.

Poor Pepito. He's face heavy. His little spindly hollow legs cannot hold him up. Poor little donkeydog.

But you know, when I think about it I realize this is not the first time a donkey has appeared unbidden in my world. Could Pepito be the second manifestation of Jesus's donkey? The very donkey whom Man's Savior rode around on Palm Sunday? Maybe it is. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

Maybe Pepito would be able to stand up if he had Our Lord on his back to offset the weight of his huge noggin.

Oh well. I'll close with a picture of Pepito in his natural state, one of repose.

I love you, Pepito.

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